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    Information Title Updated
   BQ20Z95 Max Error Stuck at 5% 2011.08.17
   how to make MaxError could be set to 25% 2011.08.17
   change the Impedance Tracking state 2011.08.17
   how to recreate a good senc file: 2011.08.17
   about max error of gas chip for battery pack 2011.08.17
   what tools we need get for laptop battery repair? 2011.01.05
   Japan's Sony to brief on laptop 2010.11.12
   Apple initiates 15-inch MacBook battery recell refill repair 2010.11.12
   The smart battery 2010.07.20
   how to storage laptop battery 2010.07.20
   Before You Select a Laptop PC 2010.07.19
   How to choose a replacement laptop battery? 2010.07.19
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