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Japan's Sony to brief on laptop
Updated:2010.11.12 Source:Laptop Battery | Laptop Batteries | New Replacement Laptop Notebook Battery | Laptop Lithium Battery Clicks:
Troubled Sony Corp. said Tuesday it would give a briefing on its laptop battery replacement program, following a recall that has rattled confidence in the company's image.
A defect in Sony defective battery packs has prompted massive recalls, with nearly every major laptop computer maker set to ask customers to return the products for replacement.

Some of the batteries can short-circuit, causing computers to overheat or even burst into flames.

Yutaka Nakagawa, executive deputy president in charge of Sony's semiconductor and component group; Makoto Kogure, senior vice president in charge of product quality and safety; and Naofumi Hara, head of corporate communications, were expected at the briefing set for later Tuesday, the company said.

The replacement program, which Sony started Sept. 28 after major computer makers announced recalls of Sony-made batteries, will cover about 3.5 million units excluding batteries previously recalled by Dell, Apple and Lenovo, Sony said in a statement.

About 9.6 million batteries will be recalled worldwide, including the estimated numbers for those three companies, the statement said, leaving unchanged a projection Sony made last Thursday.