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sales WHT-328 High Precision Microcomputer Spot Welding Machine for battery repair
Product Name:sales WHT-328 High Precision Microcomputer Spot Welding Machine for battery repair

Product No:1460-668
Special Price: 330US Dollar/pcs
Last update:2010.07.30
Manufacturer:XinYuan Battery
   Products Introduction

Item Name:WHT-328 High Precision Microcomputer Spot Welding Machine

A. Working Principle

WHT-328 High Precision Microcomputer Spot Machine uses the principle of double sided, two points, and over-current welding. When it works, the two electrodes pressurize the work pieces to make that the two metals form a certain contact resistance under the pressure between the two electrodes. And the welding current from one electrode flowing through the other electrode form the instant hot fusion at the point of contact resistance. And the moment when the welding current from the other electrode along the two work pieces flows to the electrode, it form loop and doesn't damage the internal structure of welded work pieces.

B. Features

WHT-328 is the foot exchange for the two-bit pulse welding machine, with the following major features

 1.Beautiful, light and handy in design.

 2.Beautiful welding traces, small spark, no black (The battery won't sag or fluid won't flow after spot-welding). It completely overcomes the problems that the lithium battery has low pressure and the fluid flows out of the battery. The spotwelder is your ideal assembly equipment for battery production.

 3.The control circuit is the SCR (semiconductor controlled rectifier) discharge pulse control and digital circuit. Every parameter is set up to be digital so that the parameter regulation is intuitive and accurate.

 4.The pressure of welding pins and the distance between the two pins can be regulated independently. Also the regulation is convenient to make sure that the welding pressure is stable and reliable

 5.The welding switch is the only Optoelectronic switch used in domestic.

 6.The unique function for fault test can do self-diagnosis and overhaul.

C. The scope of application

 1.Jointing between wire and conductor; 2.Jointing of various types of rechargeable batteries and 0.03mm-0.1mm nickel-chip, 3.Jointing between hardware and wire lead of household appliances; 4.Jointing of low or high conductivity metals and alloys and so on; 5.Jointing of hardware fittings;6. Jointing of copperware and aluminumware; 7.Jointing between Stainless Steel hardware and peripheral accessories; 8.Jointing of electronic parts; 9.Jointing of bulb pins; 10.Jointing of watch buckle

D. The Main Technical Parameters

1. Input power supply: AC 220V+_10% 50Hz+_2Hz

2. Rated power:10KVA

3  Welding current:0-99

4. Electrode Travel:20mm

5. Control way: Double Impulse

6. Item Weight:45KG

7. Out size: L800*W580*H1100(mm)

8. Application: the connection of 0.03mm-0.1mm nickel-tap or nickel belt, with hardware sheet

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