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sales WHT-728 Inverter DC Spot Welding Machine for battery repair
Product Name:sales WHT-728 Inverter DC Spot Welding Machine for battery repair

Product No:232014-878
Special Price: 620US Dollar/pcs
Last update:2011.04.28
Manufacturer:XinYuan Battery
   Products Introduction

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Product Information

WHT-728 DC Spot Welding Machine is the latest welding machine designed for high-tech spot welding. This item is our technological achievement during the long-term research. Its design is based on the most advanced spot welding principle comes from abroad. With the control of Microcomputer SCM and technique of AC-to-DC inverter, its performance is at the top of resistance welding. In synchronization with the external technology, it is ahead of other products in the welding field and able to replace the overseas welding machine, for example, welding machines of SEIWA, AVIO, MIYACHI in Japan and UNITEK in USA ect..

Main Features of WHT-728

Advanced Technology ------Continuously integrate with international advance AC-DC inverter technology and improve on as well
1.Doublet Impulse Welding ------it divides into pre-welding and continuous welding. The pre-welding is for eliminating oxide layers and sundries in order to decrease the sparkle.
The continuous welding ensures fine effect of welding spots; that is no nigrescence, even welding spots, no fuzzy grain and any other flaws to the appearance of the products. The fine welding effect can compete with that of imported welding machines.

2.Precise control of Microcomputer------the Microcomputer in the welding machine scans the input voltage for a long time. When the power fluctuates, it will immediately calculate the compensation information and change the welding energy. So that the welding won't turn out the false or welding fire bombing because of the instable voltage.
It is more suitablely used under the instable voltage and can ensure the every welding result.  
3.Stable Output Current -Under the control of microcomputer SCM,the subtle adjustment of current ensures the stable output current. Moreover, the control of discharging time for welding is accurate control and unlimited; thus, it can weld more than 200 timers continuously per minute with same effect.
4. Simplified Operation - All parameters are micro-computerized with LCD display and keyboard controlling, which makes the operation accurate, intuitive and convenient.
5.Convenient Adjustment- The space and the pressure of welding pins are separated and adjustable. It is suitable for fine pitch components due to its accurate register; thus, it ensures the high rate of finished products.
6.Low repair rate and convenient repair -Up to 90% imported hardware ensures low repair rate.The repair is convenient due to its reasonable structure design. It only need to exchange the integrated circuit mainboard,which the general mechanic can carry out solely.
Automatic alarming and cut-off system-if there is any badness or damage, the machine will automatically display the fault and cut off the welding circuit synchronously in order to avoid further deterioration and give off reminder for repair.
7. Automatic System of Numeration -it counts the output from 0000 to 9999 automatically which makes counting easier and improves the efficiency consequently.

Main Technical Parameter:

Power : AC 220V+_10% 50Hz+_2Hz

Max Output Power: 10KVA
Pre-welding Current:  00-99  Welding Time: 00-30   Welding Current: 00-99
Welding Track: 25mm Welding Height is adjustable
 Item weight : 48kg
Item size of Workbench Model:  800L*580W*1100H  (mm)
Application: suitable for 0.03mm~0.1mm hardware welding wire or slice
Welding Paradigm: Jointing between wire and conductor; Jointing between NI-MH Battery (and Lithium Battery etc.) and compound strip of nickel plate, alloy plate aluminum-nickel cobalt alloy; Jointing between hardware and wire lead of household appliances; Jointing of low or high conductivity metals and alloys and so on; Jointing of hardware fittings; Jointing of copperware and silverware; Jointing between Stainless Steel hardware and peripheral accessories; Jointing of electronic parts; Jointing of bulb pins; Jointing of watch buckle

Instruction for the Function

1.Output wave: show the pulse state when the machine is on
2.Waiting.. : when turn down the welding current, the display will appear the note of waiting. In this case, the whole machine is in the waiting state and the programs will     come back to the working state after seconds.
3.Pre-welding Current (BI): it refers to the height of the first pulse whose range is 0-99, usually adjusting it to 35 for debugging. The range adjustment is based on the actual welding current. Generally, the welding current increases, the pre-welding should increase accordingly.
4.Welding Time (WT): it refers to the width of the second pulse whose total duration is 1-30mS. The welding time is determined by specific welding effects, usually choosing 10-20mS.
5. Welding Current (WI): it refers to the height of the second pulse whose range is 0-99, usually adjusting it to 50 for debugging. The range adjustment is based on the actual welding effect.
6.State: display the on/ off state of photoelectric switch and toggle switch clearly.    The on/off state of toggle switch is displayed on the left side, while the on/off state of photoelectric switch is on the right side. When the welding machine is under the condition of discharge, the two switches are both in closed states.
7.Switch:  Switch the on/off state
8.Clear: Clearing the previous setup and re-setting, the welding machine with memory function will come back to the preliminary state: "0000" when press the CLEAR button.

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